Thursday, 18 December 2008

Please note that due to a hate campaign launched against Amanda, owner of Taggers Scraps, the store has now been closed and therefore you can no longer buy my scraps there.

I just want to state, before I move on from all of this.........that I NEVER had any problems with Amanda and the way these people have treated her is beyond childish. I have been with her, almost from day one, and have never had any reason to doubt anything she has done. She has had nothing but our best interests when it came to the store. Often being out of pocket herself as a result.

The store was hacked into and everything deleted the other day. I can only assume these people leading this campaign had something to do with that. I am beyond amazed at the lengths that some people have gone to. As a result each and every designer at the store has now suffered. The innocent parties in all of this.

I was exclusive to Taggers Scraps so at the moment the only place that you can buy my scraps from is my Site Twinky Dezines.

I am very disheartened with everything at the moment, it makes you wonder why you bother when there is so much hatred and anger out there amongst some people. They really just make it their mission to destroy things, rather than deal with problems in an adult manner. Was there really any need for all of this? I think not.

Anyway, I hope they are happy with their acheivements.


Twinky xx

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Nemesis.Shares said...

This is Nemesis
The Head of this Camapign as you refer to it and we both know what the word assume can become if you make comments you have no proper knowledge about....Since no one from my "Campaign of awareness" has hacked into a site but I do think we all appreciate the compliment it would indicate as to our amazing abilities and superior knowledge...But sadly, it would seem she has upset someone else...and maybe you should visit our blog to read what your fellow designers of her site as well as customers had to say...knowledge is power and I am afraid your batteries are a bit low...and again
ass-u-me...but again, thank you for giving us the credit for having that intense knowledge this would require.........Have a lovely Holiday!!!!

oh and our blog site.......for your reading and btw..we have emails and reports to back up every comment we have made so we are not ones to make false accusations such as amanda and yourself trying to blame us for her realization her reputation is shattered and awareness has been brought to the public...Sincerely, Nemesis

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